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Feet in the sand, cake in hand. Happy Mrs.

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I am Corrie, The Mrs., the lady behind the apron. I live in beautiful New England and I am a true Massachusetts girl, complete with proper Boston accent and attitude. I'm loyal, kindhearted and love to be with my close friends and family. I'm a nerdy, book loving, tea drinking, Jane Austen enthusiast, Super Mum, feisty Italian, domestic goddess with a wicked sweet tooth. Hence the primary focus of this blog being life's sweets and treats. As my daughter gets older and I get more immersed in university studies, baking is scarce, but still loved and enjoyed immensely when it happens... and hopefully blogged about if there time to snatch a few photos before treats are gobbled up! I've been blogging sporadically for many years now and it has been an awesome outlet for me. My blog is mostly about baking, but I also write the occasional restaurant review and sometimes just post about the things in life that make me happy - my pup, holidays, adventures, books, and family. I hope you enjoy and visit regularly. 

Please note: I don't always share recipes, especially if it's a book I'm trying to encourage people to purchase or borrow from their local library. I like to encourage people to support the authors who work very hard on their cookbooks and recipes. Recipes may also be available online and if so, I often include a link within the post to the recipe for you. Through some clever searching, you may be able to find a recipe yourself. :o)

**Please be respectful of the author of this blog and do not use text and/or photos without credit or consent.**