07 October, 2013

Nerdy Doughnut Love - Cooking with Miss Lils

I was recently on the ATK feed and saw the infographic for 'A Nerd's Guide to Making Doughnuts' and thought, 'Yup, I'm on that!' And I was. And it was wonderful.

It was a rainy Friday last week, so after school Princess and I set to work making proper, yeasted, fried doughnuts. They. Were. Amazing. Have you ever had a warm doughnut all covered in crunchy cinnamon sugar? Oh my goodness, you must, I tell you. Don't waste another minute! Get into the kitchen!

The dough was simple, as easy, breezy as whipping together a pizza dough. We put it in a really warm place and it was ready to go in no time. Princess loved rolling them out. Sadly I didn't get any photos of that. I was probably having too much fun to think of it. I did the frying bit, but she was close to hand to check it out from atop a chair several feet away. The whole experience was fun.

I've been so busy with university studies that I'm not as engaged with Princess as I'd like to be. I decided doing a regular cooking afternoon with her is a good way to spend time together and hopefully it'll inspire me to post on a more regular basis. Having times like this at the end of a hectic week help us to bond and be close amidst the chaos of busy lives. Moral of the story, get into the kitchen and cook with your kids ~ they'll love it and it's a great opportunity to discuss science, math, history and just be together - there are all sorts of  great personal and educational opportunities in the kitchen. Plus, you get to devour what you create! Yum!

Click HERE for the infographic and recipe.

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