24 September, 2013

Welcome Autumn ~ Toffee Apples

Several months back, I treated myself to Peyton and Byrne's British Baking cook book. I've been drooling over the photos for months but haven't been doing much baking. *Tisk Tisk* A few weeks ago we went apple picking up in Stowe and we sure have a lot of apples. Pies have been baked, endless apples have been eaten on the ride to here and there and everywhere... and still we've got a lot of apples. 

I needed a quick breather from studying today and whipping up some toffee apples seemed like just the trick to calming my nerves. Along with a hot cuppa, I was off and running. These were easy; the toffee cooks up fairly quickly, less than 10 minutes, a couple of minutes of cooling and you're rolling apples in toffee. 

The toffee is lush, not really like the rich caramel you usually get at fairs and local farms. It was more like the flavor of Werthers candies, a softer, lighter, butterscotchy flavor. I Love, LOVE them. I may have eaten two and a half tonight. So naughty, but worth it.

One recipe down, many more to go. This is a gorgeous book and this recipe was a cinch and a sure bet. This book wows, I would definitely recommend buying it or taking it out from your local library if they've got a copy, even if it's just for reading pleasure. 

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